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Edgar McGregor is a climatology senior at San Jose State University. He has collected litter from Eaton Canyon and other natural areas for over 1,400 days. Edgar's climate activist #EarthCleanUp account on Twitter has over 35,000 followers.

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Eaton Canyon Experiences It’s Hottest Summer Ever in 2022, Now Our Second Hottest Year Ever

With an average temperature of 69.64°F (20.91°C), Pasadena, California has just experienced it’s 2nd hottest year on record. The current record for our hottest year is 2014 with an average temperature of 70.44°F. Weather records have been kept in downtown Pasadena continuously since 1908, and during that time the average temperature has risen 6.84°F (3.81°C). Granted, that weather station is experiencing an urban heat island effect, but temperatures have still risen sharply in the canyon over the last ~100 years due to global climate change.

2022 saw a number of records fall, including the most afternoons in a single summer over 90°F (111 days), the most afternoons in a row over 105°F (8 days), and the hottest month ever. August 2022 beat July 2006 for the hottest month ever recorded in Pasadena. The month lacked any serious heatwaves. Rather, it was scorching hot for the entire duration of the month with no cooler than average days. Unfortunately, September 2022 hosted our longest, worst heatwave ever recorded in this part of Southern California with a whopping 8 days over 105°F in a row. It, not surprisingly, then stole the record from August 2022 to become our new hottest month ever recorded. With June 2022 also being our hottest June ever, summer 2022 easily slid into first place for our hottest summer ever in the canyon.

Temperature anomalies backed off in autumn, and October, November, and December were rather tame. After the scorching hot October 2020 and November 2021, it was nice to see those months cool off in 2022. The 2022-2023 water year stands at 13.51″ of rainfall as of January 6th, 2023, significantly above the average for this time of year.

Eaton Canyon Experiences It’s Hottest Summer Ever in 2022, Now Our Second Hottest Year Ever Read More »

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4 Injured, 2 Hospitalized In Eaton Canyon After Rockslide

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(Updated 3:40 PM, 12-26-2022) A rockslide in lower Eaton Canyon injured four hikers on Sunday afternoon, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team says. First responders were heading into the canyon at about 1:30 PM to render aid to the injured hikers located just before the first river crossing following the bridge. Two of the injured could be treated on site, but the other two needed to be hospitalized. For public safety, the mountain gorge portion of the park, including the Eaton Canyon waterfall, will be closed to all hikers for the remainder of the afternoon of December 25th.   Temperatures were in the 80s and the canyon was bustling at the time of the rockslide. The condition of the hospitalized hikers is not known at this time.

This is a reminder that the San Gabriel Mountains are an incredibly dangerous mountain range to traverse without proper gear. Eaton Canyon is known for it’s sheer cliffs, rockslides, and mountain rescues over the years. Always stay on designated trails, bring plenty of water, tell someone where you are going, and check the forecast before setting out.

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4 Injured, 2 Hospitalized In Eaton Canyon After Rockslide Read More »

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