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Some of the canyon’s out-and-back trails, especially those to Eaton Canyon Falls, are so popular with casual hikers that parking near the trailheads can be challenging on weekends.

The bottom line is, though, any parking inconvenience is worth it. Eaton Canyon is an incredibly special place, and the only practical way to explore it is on foot.

Trail hikes range from moderately easy to strenuous, depending on the route and destination. We recommend studying the adjoining trail maps and expert comments for details like distances, elevation gains and route profiles.

Canyon Safety

Be canyon safe while exploring any Eaton Canyon trails. That means checking weather conditions and closure information prior to leaving for the canyon. Many canyon trails do not have mobile phone or data service.

Bring plenty of water, headwear for sun protection, footwear practical for rock hopping, and remember to pack out all trash…whether it’s yours or somebody else’s.

trash buckets and gloves on a rock
A dirt path next to a rock


Eaton Canyon is a natural preserve and home to hundreds of unique plant, animal and fungi species. Eaton Canyon, however, also includes Southern California’s third most popular hiking trail with the region’s most visited natural waterfall. As a result, the canyon receives very heavy visitation.

While most visitors treat this wonderful place with respect, not all do. Between two and fifteen pounds of new litter is scattered throughout the canyon each day. Plastic bottles, food wrappers, doggie waste bags and other municipal trash endangers natural wildlife that calls the canyon home.

Eaton Canyon has no official trash service, so it is up to all of us to keep the canyon clean. We strongly recommended that visitors bring a trash bag or bucket and a pair of gloves to help clean up the trails. If neighbors and visitors keep the main trails clean, volunteer cleanup crews can focus on the less traveled areas that also experience littering.

Trail Maps

The adjoining trail maps document the most popular hikes through Eaton Canyon. Some hikes traverse a Los Angeles County Park (Eaton Canyon Natural Area), the Angeles National Forest or both.


Angeles National Forest is open 24/7 unless conditions warrant a temporary closure. Eaton Canyon Natural Area is closed Mondays. The Natural Area’s hours change seasonally:

Mar. 1 to Oct. 31
Operating Hours
Tuesday – Sunday
8:00am to 7:30pm

Nov. 1 to Feb. 28
Operating Hours
Tuesday – Sunday
8:00am to 5:00pm

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