T’was The Night Before Christmas At Eaton Canyon

Clouds in the sky

In Eaton Canyon, Halloween’s delight,
Nature weaves its eerie spell at night.
Beneath the moon’s enchanting, silver sheen,
Spiders spin their webs, a sight to be seen.

A close up of a spider

Bats take flight, their wings of shadows dark,
Across the velvet sky, they leave their mark.
Through rustling leaves and whispered, ancient trees,
They dance in twilight, carried by the Santa Ana breeze.

A tree with a mountain in the background

But amidst this beauty, a darker scene,
Litterbugs disrupt the tranquil dream.
They mar the landscape, casting shadows deep,
On nature’s canvas, where her secrets keep.

A group of items on a table

Dead trees stand sentinel, their branches bare,
A haunting chorus in the moonlit air.
Yet even in decay, life finds its way,
As nature’s spirits rise on Halloween day.

A close up of a tree

Eaton Canyon’s magic, a mysterious blend,
Where nature’s wonders and spooks transcend.
On this night of spirits, both eerie and grand,
We find enchantment in this wondrous land.

A insect on the ground

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